Scratch maps with Georgian alphabet


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It is said, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, we say it begins with a single scratch.
Scratch map is a large, high quality wall map, which features a gold top foil layer.
Why ? So you can scratch off all the places you have visited or you are planning to visit to reveal a whole new world below, featuring vibrant colors and geographical details. Scratch off the places which you have visited and as a result you will get a total unique and personalized map of Georgia, on which you will see your route in different colors. Discover Georgia with our scratch map! Scratch map of Georgia is a perfect gift for traveller, even if you are the one !

Packaging includes:


Cylinder for the map,
Scratching pen,
Brush- for brushing away the golden layer,
Colorful pins for designing the map,
Special gift bag for the map.


Size of the map : 82CM X 58CM,
Size of the cylinder : 58CM X 5CM X 5CM,
Map is made of a high quality paper.