“Color up Georgia” is a brand new, invitational company.
The main value of the company is to support popularization of Georgia abroad and within the country as well.

The company is working in different directions. As of now, we have created the scratch map of Georgia, which is a fun and interesting way
to keep track of your travels and  plan the upcoming trips in the most interesting ways by coloring up the places you have visited or the ones you are planning to visit.

Color up Georgia has been created in 2018 and is actively taking place to support the development of tourism. We are creating the products, which is
interesting for the population of Georgia, as well for all the visitors who would like to get to know the country better.

The company is always considering the interests of it’s customers and due to a high demand we are now importing the world scratch maps as well.
Now our customers can travels around  the world and scratch off (color up) the places on the world scratch map that they have visited or  are planning to visit.

The company “Color up Georgia” has created the web-site  for the comfort and efficiency of the service. We must say that one the main goals we have is to provide an interesting
information about the country to our customers. There will be variety of the information given on the web-site about Georgia along with new upcoming updates for our customers.