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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scratch map?

Scratch map allows you to create your personal map; Scratch off the countries covered with a golden layer where you have already been or you are planning to visit.

How can I scratch off the map?

Along with other additional accessories map comes with a special scratching pen and a mediator, which will help you to scratch off the places which you have visited or are planning to visit.

What is the size of the map?

Measurements of the map: 82CM x 59CM

How can I purchase the map ?
The map can be purchased via web site or via our Facebook page. To place an order, you must fill out all required information on the web site or send us the details on our facebook page. Our currier will deliver the map at the desired address.
What kind of packaging does it have ?

The map is placed in a special cylinder shaped box with a protective layer in it. The cylinder itself is placed in a special gift bag along with other additional accessories.

Delivery service

How long does it take the map to be delivered?
You will receive a map on the second working day at any desired place all around Georgia.

How to pay


How do I pay?
When purchasing the product on the webpage, you can pay via electronic card.

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