Like Black Sea resorts of Guria – Ureki and Shekvetili, health seaside resort of Grigoleti in Lanchkhuti municipality also enjoys magnetic sand beach containing magnetite, titan-magnetite or ilmenite small particles and other rock splinters. Baths of hot sand provide thermal and mechanic influence to the human body activating immune process and improving metabolism, soothe nervous system, are useful for rheumatic and joint diseases. From ancient times maritime beach sand scorched by sun was used for treatment. It was known that in ancient times Indians from Maya tribe cured lots of diseases with sand red-hot under the sun or bonfire; this method was used also by old Romans… Hot sand bath cure – psammotherapy – is very popular in the whole
world today as well proved by plenty of visitors from various countries to seaside resorts of Guria. Sand beach switches here to the even sea bottom of several meters of the similar depth. The biggest part of the seaside is accompanied by multi-year pine-tree grove creating a special microclimate and multiplying importance of Grigoleti as a resort area. As in other seaside regions, recently construction of health resort infrastructure here is under way. In rest-houses and family hotels of Grigoleti there are full-scale conditions for spending comfortable holidays.
Location: Western part of Kolkheti lowland
Distance: 315 km away from Tbilisi
Sea level: 4 m
Climate: maritime, humid, subtropical climate, winter mild, without snow, mean temperature in January 5,2 degrees; summer very warm, mean temperature in August 23,2 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1700-1800 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 79%
Duration of annual sunny light: 1980-2100 h.
Natural treatment factors: maritime, humid, subtropical climate and sea water, beach sand, containing big amount of magnetic iron particles
Types of therapy: climate, thalasso- and psammotherapy, magnetic sand baths
Diseases for treatment: respiratory tracts, TB, nervous and musculoskeletal system (rheumatic and joints) diseases;
sand baths activate immune process in the human body and improve metabolism
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